Yang, Mirinae

Yang, Mirinae in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Yang, Mirinae   Job: Model

Choi Ji woo in model industry! Yang mirinae visited Cinderella plastic surgery center.

Mirinae is shaking mens’ heart with sexy body and pure appearance. She is beautiful and I am jealous with her, but she even had kind personality so we were more surprised.

She is going to work as a model in abroad.

Cinderella will always cheer for Yang, Mirinae.

Lim, Ji Hae

Lim, Ji Hae in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Lim, Ji Hae Job: Model

Lim ji hae is having many male fans with perfect S-line and baby face. Lin ji hae with sexy, pure image visited cinderella. Her perfect body line and nice smile is always outstanding. Lovely Lim Ji hae will career actively and Cinderella will always cheer for Lim ji hae.

Park, Yong Woo

Park, Yong Woo in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Park, Yong Woo Job: Actor

Actor Park, yong woo visited Cinderella. He takes women’s heart with karisma and excellent acting. We will wait for his great next piece and we will always cheer for Park Yong woo.

Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Dal Shabet   Job: Singer

Dal Shabet was ranked the highest in portal websites even before their debut. Dal Shabet is shaking men’s heart. Cinderella will always cheer for Dal Shabet’s success until they are recognized as representative Korean girl group.

Cho, Kwon

Cho, Kwon in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Cho, Kwon  Job: Singer

The sweet voice of this main vocal caught our eyes and ears! Cho, kwon visited Cinderella even if he had busy schedule.

Cinderella will always cheer for Cho Kwon’s future.

Lee, Ji Hyun

Lee, Ji Hyun in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Lee, Ji Hyun   Job: Actress

Lee, Ji Hyun who is famous for gorgeous body visited Cinderella plastic surgery center. Every staffs were all surprised with her tall body in good shape. She was also beautiful without makeup. She had her teeth whitening and laminate and cavity treatment, and she got very satisfied. Everyone will call her Lee ji hyun, the teeth beauty.

Cinderella will always cheer for Lee, ji Hyun.

Eun Ji

Eun Ji in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Eun Ji (Nine Muses) Job: Singer

Eun ji from Nine Muses visited Cinderella plastic surgery center. Every member is known as an idol with beautiful legs. The group consists of members from various fields and has different charm. We expect more active career and Cinderella cheers for nine muses’s success.

Ji, Suk Jin

Ji, Suk Jin in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Ji, Suk Jin   Job: MC, Comedian

Ji, suk jin visited Cinderella plastic surgery center during busy schedule.

We enjoy watching ‘Running man’, and his appearance was even more handsome when we actually saw him. He was always kind and had bright smile. Cinderella will always cheer for Ji, Suk Jin.

Go, Seung Duk

Go, Seung Duk in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Go, Seung Duk   Job: Lawyer

Go, seung duk was loved by the public for his soft, warm image and witty comments. He visited Cinderella plastic surgery center. He doesn’t appear on TV like before but he is still a handsome lawyer. We will always cheer for Go, seong duk’s work.


Shoo in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Shoo(SES)   Job: Singer

SES was the most famous girl group with Fin.K.L in 1990s. Shoo had visited Cinderella plastic surgery center. Now she is mom and raising her children. Cinderella will always cheer for Shoo who gives happiness to everyone with bright smile.