Haha in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Haha   Job: Singer

Haha appears in many variety shows and he came to Cinderella plastic surgery center. He was married with singer Byul recently, and is enjoying happy marriage and we are happy to see his smile.

Cinderella will cheer for Haha’s marriage and his career.


TEEN TOP in Cinderella Clinic

Name: TEEN TOP   Job: Singer

TEEN TOP visited Cinderella plastic surgery center. They became so famous all over the world. Their charisma, slim body, eyes and gesture is the charming point of Teen top. Cute and fresh Teen-top attracted all the staffs of Cinderella. Cinderella will always cheer for TEEN TOP.


G.Na in Cinderella Clinic

Name: G.Na   Job: Singer

G.Na visited Cinderella plastic surgery center.

She is famous for excellent body line and clean skin that doesn’t need revision, and she even shot beer commercial which is hard to do for normal actresses. Cinderella will always cheer for G.Na.


Seo, In Kuk in Cinderella Clinic

Name: Seo, In Kuk   Job: Singer, actor

The main actor of “Answer 1994”, Seo in kuk visited Cinderella plastic surgery center.

Seo, in kuk is the winner of Super star K and he is being loved by many people not for his great songs but for his great appearance and acting. The program recorded the highest ratings in drama. His song with Chung, en ji from Apink hit the top in many music charts. Rumors has it that Yun, Yun jae’s famous sharp chin came from the extreme exercise. And he shot master’s sun and he played mystic character, and he is shaking women’s heart with So, ji sup with this drama. Cinderella will always cheer for Seo, in kuk.