Feature spread of Sindonga magazine - How Seo-woo and Lee, Si young became Cinderella?

2015-01-14 06:05

How Seo-woo and Lee, Si young became Cinderella?


Since everyone got 3D TV in their home, facial contour has become very important thing among celebrities. It is another condition of beautiful face following clean, flawless skin. Some people say celebrities these days got so many surgeries so they all look similar.

But it also means that kind of face is regarded as pretty face these days. High nose, round and big eyes with clear double eyelid, slim facial line and voluminous forehead are considered as the essentials of beautiful face. People who have such kind of face become celebrity. No one think low, round nose and droopy eyes are pretty.


서우 이시영

People started to notice Seo-woo after she showed up at one ice cream commercial. Cute and youthful face had caught our eyes. She appeared on movie ‘Miss Carrot’ and drama ‘I want it’. And she became famous so fast just like Cinderella. People were amazed by her small face, nose like a sculpture, big eyes and cherry lips. And then they were fascinated by her excellent acting.

Another actress Lee, Si Young started her career with drama ‘Man over flower’ and she acted roll of 10-year-younger girl than her real age. In the drama ‘Born of rich’ her roll ‘Boo Tae Dee’ was exactly the right fit to her. She was chosen for the best actress for having luxurious face by plastic surgeons.

Seo-woo and Lee, Si Young both couldn’t get good evaluation at their first debut. Another thing they have in common was that they got over the rumors about their plastic surgery. Their faces looked perfect in the screen. But soon their before-and-after photos were spread online. People were jealous about their look so they argued so harshly about their surgery. Some people even denied their talent and ability. But Dr. Jung Jong Pil from Cinderella plastic surgery who performed their plastic surgery said, “It is the power of plastic surgery that changed their face, but it cannot change their talent.” There are so many people who want to become celebrity, but there are so many pretty faces already in show business.

“Face can be changed by plastic surgery, but their performance cannot be upgraded without restless effort, and I bet people know it.”

People’s facial bone structure is becoming more westernized, and continuous development of surgical technique is making almost everything possible about plastic surgery. Many people who wanted to become celebrity received surgery by Dr. Jung and many of them are now making success in their career. But some people are becoming addicted to plastic surgery.

Small eyes can become bigger. But if your eyes are too small your eyes might not become so big like celebrity. The strength of eyelid muscle is different for each individual, so for some people the eye shape could not be made as they desired. Whatever the case is, the most important thing is naturality.


Dr. Jung jong pil said be careful of the doctor who recommends many surgeries without enough reason. People may get dramatic effect by plastic surgery, but some people may not get it against their hope. If you receive surgery after getting enough information through consultation with plastic surgeon, wrong information and vague expectation will be able to be avoided.

There are a number of bad cases after getting two-jaw surgery. Two-jaw surgery is so risky because it is surgery to create whole new facial bone structure. Two-jaw surgery is the surgery to correct occlusion of upper jaw and lower jaw, so for people who have malocclusion this surgery can bring their face the balance and aesthetic improvement. Dr. Jung, jong pil says two-jaw surgery is suitable for people who have severely protruded chin, protruded lips, or face asymmetry.

Now over 70~80% of people who received two-jaw surgery chose this surgery because doctor recommended the surgery or patients required the surgery, even if they don’t have severe protruded chin, protruded lip or facial asymmetry.

And they also get laminate and teeth whitening together with orthodontics with the suggestion of doctor. But if the symptom is mild we cannot expect dramatic change of appearance.

Then what would be the reason that doctors recommend two-jaw surgery to people who has normal occlusion? Because two-jaw surgery is risky and the process is complicated and it takes long treatment time, the cost is high of course. If there is a hospital who says to anybody that your face will become extremely beautiful by two-jaw surgery, the hospital is only looking to earn much money.

The most important two facial parts that consists one’s appearance is eyes and nose. Also two facial parts that catch people’s eyes are also eyes and nose. Face can be extremely changed by the changing the position, shape and size of eyes and nose.