"Change Life " Vietnam's edition

2018-07-30 08:56

Appearance of the chief doctor of Cinderella plastic surgery clinic Chung Jong Pil at
“Change life” program.
Emotions of Cam after receiving her life time gift
The technique of eyes, noses, and chin surgery of Cinderella clinic surprised the Vietnamese locals.
On July 28, VTV2 launched the first episode of “Change life” season 3. The first personage is Cam, a 20 year-old girl who dreams of becoming a tour guide. The story of the girl with a protruded chin who got bullied, transformed completly aftㅊer the surgery and amazed all the viewers.

She couldn't chew food properly because of her protruded chin and jaw alignment issues and was teased during school. Also, she could not get proper treatment for her teeth due to her poor family condition. She had a dream of becoming a tour guide to introduce her hometown, Da Nang, but confessed that she was not confident standing in front of others.

Later, she participated in “Change Life” and underwent plastic surgery to change her jaw, eyes and nose with the help of the medical team led by CEO Chung Jong-pil of Korea. In particular, the Korean plastic surgery has restored her confidence, and transformed her into a brighter and happier person, drawing great attention from viewers.

Chung Jong-pil, head of Korea's Cinderella Plastic Surgery clinic, said, " With the help of Korean plastic surgery, I am very happy to recover her self-confidence by overcoming the appearance complex through jaw correction, eyes and nose surgery as plastic surgery not only changes the outer appearance but also one’s inner personality" He also stated that he hopes she achieves her dream with her changed appearance”.
The Change Life program with plastic surgery clinics in Korea is a social contribution program that helps mourners overcome their apparent disabilities and is aired on the Vietnamese state-run VTV 2 every Saturday night.