Se Kyung’s Surgery Diary

I used to be told that I look older than my age because of my wide face, small eyes and nasolabial fold.

So I decided to receive plastic surgery.

I didn’t like to take photos of myself and I talked to people less than before because I was lack of self-esteem.

I thought I couldn’t stay in my home for most of the day anymore, so I decided to receive plastic surgery. 


D-Day of surgery          

Todays is the day I receive surgery! I became so nervous.

I took photo before surgery, and I washed my face!

And then I had final consultation with chief doctor. I got relaxed after meeting Dr. Jung Jong Pil again.

1 week after surgery

I received treatment at the clinic but my face was still round because of the swelling. But people said I must become look prettier after swelling’s gone, so I got relieved.


2 months after surgery            

There is still mild swelling, but everyone was so surprised by the dramatic change of my appearance.

Everyone said I look pretty, I look young…

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and talk to myself ’You look perfect’. Haha~


Many people think plastic surgery is like a gamble.

And so did I.

But now I realized that plastic surgery is never a gamble, and that it is important to receive plastic surgery from the hospital with competent medical specialists and advanced technology.

Cinderella cosmetic surgery group consists of plastic surgery, dental clinic and otolaryngology and these departments cooperate with one another for more satisfactory results. And patients get examination before surgery

for safe, precise surgery, and your condition will be thoroughly diagnosed by cutting-edge equipment, so it is definitely different from other clinics.

It is my face, so it is more important than anything else to choose the right plastic surgery.


If my friends ask me where I had surgery, I will confidently recommend Cinderella clinic to them!

Cinderella plastic surgery gave me hope and self-esteem.

These days I meet friends frequently and have a lot of conversation. I became positive and outgoing person.

Cinderella truly changed my life!

Thank you so much~

I will live more energetic and happy life!