Facial contouring

Square jaw reduction

Do you have a square jaw? The true V line is inside me !

Cinderella’s key point is to make your natural angle

Cases requiring surgery

If your chin looks thicker compared to your face
If the proportion is not correct
If your have angular face when seeing it from the front
If the lower jaw is wide and large
If your lower jaw is asymmetric and long
If you need reoperation

What is Square jaw surgery?

The square make one’s face looks big because his mandible is wide and angular. In this case we slim your angular chin to correct it into natural V–line face.
In the original square jaw surgery inner surface of mouth was incised but the enough vision was secured even after big incision.
In order to correct this we are using method of trimming the angular part of your chin after the minimum incision under 5 mm. The sophisticated and precise surgery became possible because our medical staffs check the surgical site themselves during surgery. Also the incised part is almost invisible and the surgery is undergone with the minimum incision so there is less bleeding and swelling and lessen the recovery period.

Diagnosis and type of square jaw

  • When seeing the face from the front, the both side of the jaw is broad.
  • When seeing the profile the jaw is protruded.
  • The overall face is wide and big
  • You cannot see the boundary between chin and cheek
  • You sometimes hear that you have strong appearance.

Typical square jaw

Perform square jaw surgery and V line surgery together

Long face square jaw

We perform square jaw surgery in coordination with face proportion and perform 2 jaw surgery in some cases

Asymmetric square jaw

Asymmetrically protruded chin is improved by performing osteotomy and reposition.

The effect of Cinderella square jaw surgery

The square jaw surgery is the simple surgery and it is performed when your chin tip is wide, dull or square. But just cutting off the bone can lead to unnatural face. Cinderella’s square jaw surgery considers the face that customers want so we create the most idealistic face contour from one’s face.

  • Anesthesiologist and medical staffs stays at our hospital to take responsible for patients. We use 3D-CT, X-ray and simulation program to get accurate data and use it for accurate surgery plan, so precise and safe surgery can be performed.
  • Cinderella square jaw surgery not only just cut chin bone but also adjust the thickness of chin ourselves. As we adjust the thickness of the bone and chin muscle so you can get more natural, three-dimensional face.
  • Cinderella square jaw surgery not only just cut chin bone but also adjust the thickness of chin ourselves. As we adjust the thickness of the bone and chin muscle so you can get more natural, three-dimensional face.

Diagnostic procedures of square jaw reduction

Taking a 3D CT
It is determined the exact distribution of bone size, position, weight, and blood vessels and nerves through X-ray and 3D CT.

You can check more the patient’s condition in a detailed three-dimensional image more than the existing CT.

Make a surgical planning based on photo of the facial bones optimal diagnosis diagnostic occlusion and perform simulation by virtual surgery system.

Square jaw reduction surgery method

Mandibula resection
It is a surgical procedure to excise the bone of the jaw below the ear. It is created the impression of a smooth line more natural when viewed from the side and front with the osteotomy jaws a raised.

Cortical resection
It is the slim-looking effective surgery, which reduces the thickness of the jaw when viewed from the front. It is effectively reduced the thickness of the jaw by removing the outermost only one layer among three layers of bone structure.

T osteotomy
This is a surgical procedure that is way to make slim line of jaw if jaw is large wide when viewed from the front, by collecting in the center bone after osteotomy surgery in a T-shape.

Deep part cheek reduction
If you have a lot of fat in the cheek, it is difficult to expect a satisfactory effect with only jaw surgery. In this case, as the Deep part cheek reduction surgery should be to reduce the fat.

Surgical method of jaw that does not cut the bone

If the development of the masticatory muscles from wrong habits, face is each jaw big fat around the chin is excessive, it is possible to improve the square jaw without cutting bone.
Because the surgery does not cut the bone, surgery time is short and the recovery is fast. The appropriate treatment process is performed according to the state of the individual.

  • If the surgery is uncomfortable.
  • If you are concerned about the recovery period and swelling after surgery.
  • If muscles around Jaw (masticatory) is excessive developed.
  • If face line is not smooth with sagging cheeks when viewed from the front.

CLS(Cindy Laser Sculpt) Lifting
This treatment is as a way of making the V line and skin tightening at the same time that using Cindy Face injection which is created proprietary Cinderella and Accu Scalp laser-optimized for lipolysis.
It is effective in excessive accumulation of fat around the jaw or cheek or the skin dumps so the jaw looks angled.
The treatment is available only Cinderella in Korea.

Silhouette lifting
We insert harmless medical thread into the dermis that lost elasticity, and tighten your skin by pulling the thread. When the boundary of the neck and chin is unclear or the cheek is sagged this surgery is effective and it is also good for skin whitening and elasticity.

Good plastic surgery if it is done together



Cheekbone reduction

We design ideal facial contour and fill the volume !

A slim and small face when it is seen from every angle

Cases requiring surgery

When your malar is protruded so your face look strong
When your both malar is asymmetric
When your face looks long as both malar is developed much
When your facial contour looks uneven
When your malar is protruded so the lower part of malar looks shadowy
When you need reoperation

What is Malar reduction surgery ?

To the westerners whose face is slim their malar can be the charming point. But the Asian’s malar make you look older and strong. This can be corrected by malar reduction surgery.
Exfoliation of fascia cause sagging cheek, and the excessive incision leaded to soft tissue damage.

Cinderella plastic surgery exfoliates only small part of masticatory muscle so it prevents sagging cheek, and we perform surgery minimum incision of 5mm on the 2 parts of your face so we minimize bleeding and scar. And we are using endoscope so the accurate and treatment became available.

Diagnosis and type of cheekbone

  • There are many curves on your face
  • The face looks big because of protruded malar.
  • Your face look strong because of developed malar
  • Your face look uneven because of protruded malar
  • When viewed from the side, It is bumpy because of the cheekbone.
  • The face looks longer with protruding cheekbones and sagging skin.
  • Since your front malar is hollow or flat so your face look flat and aged.

Normal cheekbone

If you have strong appearance because your malar is protruded

Wide cheekbone
The face looks big because the malar is overdeveloped

45 degrees-developed cheekbones
If your malar is protruded when it is seen from the side but cannot feel it from the front

The effect of Cinderella Malar reduction

We create three-dimensional face for the front, side and 45 degree face so reduce the face size and add volume and three dimensional effect so make your face smoother. Also we create youthful face even after surgery.

3D malar reduction makes smooth contour and volume
Side malar will be reduced and front malar will get more volume so the face will look much younger.

Thorough diagnosis and detailed surgery plan gives you satisfaction
Anesthesiologist is staying for 365 days and participates in every surgery procedure. After getting data from 3D-CT, x-ray, and simulation program, we perform safer, more satisfactory surgery after planning detailed surgery plan.

I cannot give up my baby face and tight skin!

Original cheekbone reduction exfoliated fascia so it caused sagging cheek, and the excessive incision leaded to soft tissue damage.
Cinderella plastic surgery resects part of masticatory muscle during cheekbone reduction so it prevents facial skin from sagging. Also we only make 5mm of minimum intraoral incision on 2 parts so we can minimize bleeding and scar. And we use endoscope during surgery so it can make the accurate surgery possible.

Diagnosis process of malar reduction surgery

Taking 3D CT
We measure size, position and thickness of your bone through X-ray and CT, and exact distribution of blood vessel and nerve.

You can check more the patient’s condition in a detailed three-dimensional image more than the existing CT.
We can check patient’s condition in more detail using 3D CT.

We make the best surgery plan and expect the result using simulation program.

Malar reduction surgery method

45 degree malar reduction
In the case of 45 degree malar reduction there is possibility of sagging cheek so even more sophisticated technique is needed.

Side malar reduction and side malar reduction
If the side malar is reduced your face become smaller when you see them from the front. We cut malar and push it inwards.

Good plastic surgery if it is together




Chin tip surgery

Secret of Cinderella’s sharp, soft chin line

Trim your chin into V shape and fill the volume onto your chin to complete V line

Cases requiring surgery

If your chin is rounded or wide
If your occlusion is normal but has long chin
If your occlusion is normal but has small chin tip
If the chin length is not balanced with the overall face
If you need reoperation

What is chin tip surgery ?

If occlusion is normal but chin tip is too long or too short, or the chin is moved inwards or protruded it is the surgery to correct it.

Proper method of chin tip surgery is chosen according to chin’s length, width, direction and line, and there are methods like osteotomy or implants.

Diagnosis of chin tip surgery

  • If your front chin is round and wide
  • If front chin is long and wide
  • if the asymmetry of left and right chin is severe
  • If your lower face look broad while your chin is short
  • If you have masculine appearance caused by rounded chin tip
  • If you didn’t get much improvement after square jaw surgery

The effect of Cinderella’s chin tip surgery

Perfect V line

Small face

Three-dimensional face\

Stylish image

Chin surgery method

Wide chin
We perform T-shape osteotomy and then remove the middle part of chin tip and connect remaining bone and make them smooth.

advancement genioplasty
Cut chin tip and move it outwards and fix it.


Front chin reduction
We cut front chin tip and move it backwards and then trim the protruded part and make it smooth.


Long Chin
We perform vertical and horizontal osteotomy and remove certain part as measured beforehand, and shorten the length and width of lower chin and make v-line.


The characteristics of Cinderella’s chin tip surgery

The surgery is planned after figuring out exact structure through 3D-CT

Protruded chin can be improved for the people who are hesitant about 2 jaw surgery

Fast recovery

There is less bleeding and there is almost no bruise and swelling

Good plastic surgery if it is performed together




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