Forehead surgery

Three-dimensional face is the start of baby face

Fill your forehead and fill your beauty!

Cases requiring surgery

When your forehead is uneven
When your forehead is flat
If your forehead is narrow so it looks stuffy
If your eyebrow is protruded so your forehead looks flat
If you need reoperation

What is forehead plastic surgery ?

It is the surgery to insert implants or autologous fat on the flat, hollow forehead.

Forehead plastic surgery not only add volume on your forehead but create line which connects hairline and forehead, eyebrow, nose, cheek and malar.
You can get more define appearance and baby face after forehead surgery.


Procedure Anesthesia Duration Hospital treatment Visiting treatment Recovery
forehead surgery Partial anesthesia(Sleep anesthesia) About 30 minutes No 2~3 times Daily activity is possible after 3~5 days
Procedure Anesthesia Duration
Partial anesthesia(Sleep anesthesia) About 30 minutes No
Hospital treatment Visiting treatment Recovery
forehead surgery 2~3 times Daily activity is possible after 3~5 days

Types of forehead surgery

  • If you have to hide your forehead because your forehead is flat
  • If you look old because of your forehead
  • If your eyebrow bone is protruded
  • If you have flat forehead
  • If your upper forehead is slanted backwards
  • If your forehead is narrow so the proportion is not correct

Curved forehead

Slanted forehead

Flat forehead

Retruded forehead

Small forehead

Wide forehead

The effect of Cinderella forehead surgery

Forehead surgery is simple surgery and make you get three-dimensional, baby face. Flat forehead make one look older and masculine appearance. In this case you can get more define facial features and smaller face.

Short, simple procedure

1:1 customized implants

No worry about scar, swelling and pain

Safe implant approved by ministry of food and drug safety

Procedure of forehead surgery

There are two kinds of methods of forehead surgery. The one is using silicon and the other is fat grafting. There are also many kinds of forehead surgery like hair transplant and broadening forehead.


Forehead surgery using Implants is to making plaster model of your original forehead and then make silicon implants based on the model. It is effective method to make desired forehead and the effect is semi-permanent so many surgeons are implementing this surgery.

Advantage of forehead implants

  • We produce customized implants for only one customer
  • You can have natural and definite volume.
  • There is less swelling and pain and the recovery period is short
  • We use safe implants approved by the ministry of food and drug safety


Autologous fat graft
Fat graft is a method to inject pure fat cell harvested from abdomen or thigh into your forehead so your forehead can get volume. It is the method to inject your own fat without incision so it leaves no visible scar.
But you need extra treatment since some fat can be absorbed.

The method of forehead fat implants

  • The surgery is safe because we use healthy autologous fat.
  • It is free from side effect.
  • Body contour also can be corrected after removing useless fat
  • There is no visible scar.

Hair transplant
This is the method to harvest follicles from back of the head and transplant them on the hairline so it narrows your forehead. There is no visible scar so you can expect natural outcome.

Advantage of hair transplant

  • The effect is fast.
  • Because we use your own hair, there is less possibility of side effect.
  • Hairline is natural like it was your own and it lasts longer.
  • There is no visible scar.

Widening narrow forehead
There are two kinds of surgery-laser hair removal and scalp removal surgery, and there are also surgeries to trim the protruded bone, and to remove wrinkle on your forehead.

Laser hair removal

  • We destroy follicle on the hairline in order not to let hair grow and to remove extra hair so we can broaden the forehead.

Scalp incision surgery

  • After incising scalp into horizontal line and remove certain part of skin and then we pull the remaining scalp. So we can broaden forehead and can improve wrinkle at the same time.
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