Paranasal Augmentation

Let’s smile without wrinkle!

We create elegant appearance by paranasal augmentation

Cases requiring surgery

When your face look hollow because of nasolabial fold
If your mouth look protruded because center face region is hollow
If you look older because of nasolabial fold
If you need reoperation

What is paranasal augmentation ?

This surgery is to fill sunken crease from outside of nose alar to outside of lips. If you have nasolabial fold you look old and can lower the three-dimensional effect.

Paranasal augmentation is generally known as noble surgery, and if we fill the volume using filler or autologous fat you can expect to get softer image and baby face.


Procedure Anesthesia Operation Hospitalization Visiting hospita Recovery
Paranasal augmentation Partial anesthesia 30 minutes No 2~3 times Daily activity is possible after a week
Procedure Anesthesia Operation
Partial anesthesia 30 minutes No
Hospitalization Visiting hospita Recovery
Paranasal augmentation 2~3 times Daily activity is possible after a week

The effect of Cinderella paranasal augmentation

  • Because we perform surgery using customized implant!
    Cinderella Plastic surgery measures one’s structure, muscle and soft tissue and then make 1:1 customized implants and can make more natural, harmonious face.
  • Because implants don’t move around!
    When we perform normal paranasal augmentation only the left and right part of implants is fixed so it can move or can have side effect. But Cinderella fix implants on three parts more firmly so we lowered the possiblity of moving. Also we insert implants after securing enough space so there is almost no side effect.
  • Because we improve both nasolabial fold and protruded lips!
    If the center part is hollow the lips look protruded . If we fill sunken part by paranasal augmentation your mouth can look like it went backwards.
  • You can achieve three-dimensional face and baby face at once!
    If you have nasolabial fold you can look much older. We can fill sunken part by Cinderella paranasal augmentation, your face will get 3 dimensional effect and get baby face.

Surgical procedure of Paranasal Augmentation


Implants insertion
It is a method to fill the hollowed part around your nose and usually silicon implants is used. This surgery can certainly improve nasolabial fold and create 3-dimensional effect, and also these effects are semi-permanent. We incise small hole on your upper mouth and insert implants and then suture.

Surgery procedure

  1. Production of customized implants
    We examine patient’s condition and analyze soft tissue and then produce customized implants, and then we trim the implants considering natural facial shape when inserting it.
  2. Implant insertion
    We insert implants in the proper position after incising mouth about 1cm.
  3. Perfect fixation on three parts
    We can firmly fix the implants on your face by fixing 3 parts.


Autologous fat grafting
It is a method to graft your own fat harvested from thigh and abdomen into nasolabial fold. Because we use your own fat the facial shape is so natural and there is almost no side effect, and we can perform this method on the other parts like forehead and chin. We can perform further fat grafting after performing paranasal augmentation for more natural facial lines.

Surgical method

  1. Harvest of fat
    We harvest fat from thigh or abdomen after anesthesia.
  2. Centrifugal separation
    We separate impurities from harvested fat
  3. 3D fat grafting
    We graft fat in hollowed part of face around nose alar, especially into subcutaneous fat layer and muscle, so balanced, natural face can be created.


This is a method of injection, not incision. It is appropriate for the face that nasolabial fold is not severe. You can see the effect in a short period of time and a daily activity is possible right after treatment.

Injection procedure

  1. Anesthesia
    We apply ointment on the face
  2. Treatment
    We insert filler after adjusting amount and location of filler
  3. Effect check
    You can notice the change on your face and it doesn’t affect your daily life
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