Fat grafting

Beauty UP! Age DOWN! with full face volume

Small face is OK with natural three-dimensional volume!

Cases requiring surgery

If you want to improve hollow cheek
If you need to improve nasolabial fold
If you want to heighten your nose
If your eyelid is hollow
If your forehead is hollow or uneven
If your overall face look old
If your face need correction of asymmetry
If you need reoperation

What is the fat grafting ?

Fat grafting is to separate pure fat after harvesting excessive fat from thigh or abdomen and then inject proper amount of fat at certain parts that need volume.

Fat grafting is used to add volume on breast or hip, and your appearance can get more define and wrinkle can be improved.


Operation Anesthesia Operation time Hospitalization Treatment Recovery
Autologous fat grafting Sleeping anesthesia 30minutes~1 hour No 1~2 times Daily activity is possible after 1~2 weeks
Operation Anesthesia Operation time
Sleeping anesthesia 30minutes~1 hour No
Hospitalization Treatment Recovery
Autologous fat grafting 1~2 times Daily activity is possible after 1~2 weeks

The effect of fat grafting

If the volume on one’s face is reduced after drastic weight loss or aging you could look older than your age. In this case you can get youthful face by fat grafting which can add volume on your face.
Fat grafting is rather simple and the side effect is rare and it can be applied to almost every facial area.

Facial contouring
You can expect three-dimensional effect as it adds volume on your face.

Wrinkle improvement
It can improve wrinkles since it injects fat on your hollowed part of your face.

It can change your face into baby face.

3 types of fat grafting


Stem-cell fat grafting
Cinderella’s fat graft is using stem cell to solve problems of low consistency and absorption of grafted fat.

Stem cells that is used in fat graft
Stem-cell fat grafting mix stem cell with fat to help fat cells survive longer and to prevent fat from absorption.


Lipokit fat grafting
Lipokit is used to harvest healthy fat cells from other body parts and transplant them into other body parts. Lipokit can harvest and refine fat without contacting air. Free oil can be removed by Lipokit so fat cells can survive longer.

Cinderella’s Lipokit Fat grafting Normal fat grafting
Separated Layers
Function Fat grafting and separating procedure can be done at once Simple separating can be possible
Removing impurities Absolutely possible Absolute removal is impossible
Infection Aseptic fat can be grafted and infection rate is low There can be infection
Survival rate Maximizing survival rate using pure fat Low survival rate as normal fat is used

Facial parts where fat grafting can be applied


  • Flat forehead
  • Wrinkled forehead
  • Protruded eyebrow bone

When your face looks flat and aged because of flat, creased forehead, fat graft can increase volume.


  • Flat temple
  • Hollow temple

When your temple is hollow you can look older than your age and your malar can look more protruded and your forehead look smaller.


  • Dark circle
  • Prominent eyeball
  • Eyelids with many creases as one ages
  • Sleepy eyes
  • Eyes with crease on lower eyelid

You look youthful and lively when you have fat on your eyelids. Survival rate of grafted fat on eyelid is higher than other parts so you can see satisfied result after receiving treatment once.


  • Hollow cheek
  • Cheek with Indian fold
  • Flat cheek with less volume

Love band make one look younger and lively, and it can improve wrinkles on lower eyelids.

Love band

  • Flat lower eyelid

Love band make one look younger and lively, and it can improve wrinkles on lower eyelids.

Near nose alar

  • Protruded mouth
  • Nasolabial fold

Nasolabial fold can make stubborn appearance and can make you look older than your age.


  • Flat breast
  • Asymmetric breast
  • Breast with less elasticity and small size

If you are hesitant about implants and you want natural breast shape, breasts shape can be improved with mass fat grafting.


  • Thin, small lips
  • Lips with less volume
  • Rough lips with many creases

When your lips are thin and small, or if it has many creases it can be improved with fat grafting.

Short chin

  • Short chin
  • Protruded mouth
  • Asymmetric chin
  • Vertically short chin

If your chin is short or your chin is asymmetric, it can be improved with fat grafting.
Your mouth can look retracted when the chin is refined.

Characteristics of autologous fat grafting

  • Quick Recovery
  • Higher survival rate Of fat
  • No scar
  • No side effect since autologous fat is grafted
  • Natural, beautiful face lines
  • Execution of baby face
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