Waterdrop breast augmentation

My breasts that fits my body balance !

Confident breast volume! Ideal body shape!

Cases Requiring Surgery

When breast size is not match with body proportion
when you are not confident about flat chest
when you want bigger breast
When your breast is transformed by sudden diet or childbirth
when you don’t look great in your clothes
when you need to have reoperation

What is Waterdrop breast augmentation ?

Now women’s breast is no longer a symbol of femininity and it became important factor that decides one’s image.

Cinderella performs W balance breast plastic surgery that creates breast shape that fits one’s body and image, and we make natural, balanced breast that make your body line stands out.

W balance water drop breast plastic surgery uses water drop shaped implants that is designed with consideration of body engineering, so it makes natural and beautiful breast shape at every angle.

Choice of prostheses

We decide type, size, position of implants and incised part considering current breast shape, body shape, skin thickness and personal taste.


Overall volume and bustiness
when you want
when there is no upper breast

Natural line and Volume
when you want natural breast shape
when breast become flat or drooped

Smooth type of Prostheses that has smooth surface
Natural design
it is also suitable for thin skin


Prostheses of rough surface
Fixed design even after operation
No need to massage after operation so recovery process is easier


Cohesive gel

  • Shape and texture feels natural
  • It is safe even when implants get damaged because material is cohered firmly.

Physiological saline

  • There can be slight crease or have different texture
  • There is no harm to your body when implants is damaged because it is made of water

Hydro gel

  • prostheses which makes up for touch of physiological saline prostheses and wrinkle.

Size of prosthese
Size of prosthese is decided by width and height of prosthese
It will be decided after check up patient’ body condition and size that you wanted to have

Consideration that when you decide size of breast prostheses

  • Width and height of breast
  • Position of nipple
  • Position Breast and wrinkle
  • Clearance of breast
  • Thickness of soft skin tissue

Proper position of implants


Below breast tissue
In upper breast part we place implants under your muscle and in lower breast part we place them under breast tissue so we can prevent crease under the breast.

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Effective in correction of small breast and sagged breast
Implant doesn’t rotate


Below muscles
It’s a way to insert implants between muscles and breast tissue.
If you have soft tissue that is able to cover implants you can get satisfactory results with this method.

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Effective for breast that has volume
Effective for drooped and gap is big between breasts


It is a way to place implants under your breast muscle and we can make natural shape of breast through this method and you barely feel implants when you touch them. It is commonly used method because there is less chance of Capsular contracture.

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Effective on breast augmentation
It doesn’t disturb breast cancer examination

Choice of incision site

Choice will be made by doctor after checking nipple’s size, location of crease under your breast, need of further adjustment, patient’s taste and operation history.


Armpit incision
Incise 3cm inside armpit
Scar is hardly seen
Use of endoscope

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Less swelling and pain, quick return to daily activity
There is no worry about asymmetry because correct exfoliation is possible
Less damage on blood vessel or tissue using endoscope
Easier to replace implants when there is reoperation


Areola incision
Incise 1.5cm along the areola line
scar is hardly seen
More elaborate operation is possible

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Scar is gone quickly because we incise areola and you can hardly see it later.
A sense on nipple can be lessen after surgery


Wrinkle incision under breast
Incise crease below breast
It’s good to make natural breast

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It is effective when you need drastic breast augmentation
You can move arms naturally right after surgery
You can return to daily life quickly because of less pain and bleeding
It is best for complicated re-operation or correction because wide eyesight is secured


Navel incision
Minimize scar
Only saline solution is possible

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Only physiological saline prostheses is used
Minimize visible scar

Prevention of capsular contracture

Capsular contracture
When foreign substance is inserted in your body, your body makes shield as a adverse reaction. Adverse reaction also happens around implants so your body makes capsule but generally it is soft and thin so you can hardly feel it when touching your breast.
Capsule might become hard and thick for some reasons and it can even lead to change of breast shape and it is called capsular contracture. But Cinderella prevents customers from this result using our know-how.

Cause of capsular contracture
Capsular contracture can happen after bleeding during surgery, hematoma, necrosis, deteriorated immunity, or insufficient care after surgery. Capsular contracture can happen after 4~8 months after surgery and in order to avoid this early care is really important.

Capsular contracture prevention program

  • Insert of prostheses Secure a space: Secure a space for implants before inserting it.
  • Prevent infection: Thorough sterilization on the surgical part during surgery and injection of proper amount of antibiotics
  • Minimize bleeding: Check bleeding status using the cutting-edge endoscope and proper hemostatis
  • Massage: One-on-one Instruction of self- massage
  • Care center opens 24 hours: 24/7 care center gives you proper service

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results