Breast Augmentation

Natural breast just like Cinderella !

Woman’s true beauty comes from self- confidence !

Cases requiring surgery

When balance of upper body And lower body is broken
When you are not confident Because your breast is small
When you don’t look good With any clothes
When breast is asymmetric

What is Breast Augmentation ?

It is a surgery that enlarges the size of your breast that had got smaller or sagged after drastic weight loss or delivery of a child.

Putting implants in the accurate position decides the successfulness of creating body line, so you can get satisfied only by getting surgery from skilled medical specialists.

Choice of implants

We decide shape, size and position of implants and incised part considering patient’s current breast shape, body condition, skin thickness and personal preference.

Types of breast implants

Normal saline solution Physiological prostheses

Minimize scar with stability and simplicity

  • Natural material
  • Possible to control injection amount
  • Minimizing scar by minimum incisiono
  • Easier reoperation

Cohesive gel implants
Natural design

  • Natural shape
  • Less crease or feeling of irritation
  • Great touch

Silicon implants
The greatest touch

  • The most similar touch comparing to real breast tissue
  • Voluminous breast