Breast Reduction

Seize perfect body proportion and self-confidence !

Big breast size takes away your health and confidence !

Cases Requiring Surgery

If your breast is too big to your body
When you have pain on your neck or back as you are having big breast
when you have eczema or skin disease because of sagging breast
when you need a reoperation

What is breast reduction ?

Many people who have big breast are under stress like people who have small breast.
Especially in big breast case, it causes shoulder pain, herniated cervical, dermatitis under breast because of weight. In severe case, could be intimidated mentally.

You can choose couple of operation ways depending on amount that you want to reduce and sagging degree of breast. Principle of operation is to incise breast first, remove breast tissue, reposition nipple and areola and stitch up.
There are 3 kind of breast reduction operation way which are areola incision, straight line incision and T-shape incision, incision and stapling will be applied depending on breast size and proportion of reduction


If distance between upper breast to lower breast is over 20cm( E cup) or a single breast volume is 400cc then it is called hypermastia

  • Mental contraction,Sociophobia
  • Shoulder pain, back pain, mastalgia
  • Neck disk herniation
  • Dermatitis below lower breast
  • Stretch marks below lower breast
  • Frequent headache
  • Scoliosis

Surgical method of breast reduction

We decide incisional part and suture method according to the size of breast or degree of sag. If hypermastia is not severe we generally perform areola incision, and if the amount of tissue that has to be removed is too much we perform T-shape incision.


Straight line shape incision
If the amount of tissue that has to be removed is so much the incision onto excess skin or fat tissue has to be followed so we incise along straight line starting from lower areola. Though scar can be remained on lower breast, the breast shape becomes natural and you can get a lot of breast tissue removed.

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Natural breast shape after surgery
The sense of areola is preserved and it doesn’t affect breast feeding.
It reduces skin on your lower breast and it is effective to correct sagged breast
It is effective for big breast as it combines advantage of areola incision and of T-shape incision


Areola incision method

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If your breast is not that big or sagged, we do surgery by areola incision method.
It is appropriate when the reducing amount of tissue is under 155~250 on single breast and this procedure can be performed together with liposuction.
Since the incision is made only around areola, the scar is reduced as time passes and we can maintain natural shape and size of breast.


T-shape incision method
If excessive breast tissue is too much and the breast is sagged too much, we can reduce your breast size using reverse T-shape incisional method. The scar is remained on your lower breast and underside of your breast and the scar blurred as time passes, but it can be seen so we apply it in a case that breast is too big.

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It is effective when your breast is too big and sagged too much
It reduces the skin on your lower half of breast so we can heighten your skin elasticity.
There is much improvement when the breast is too big.

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