Accessory breast removal

There is accessory breast?

Four breast? Do I have accessory breast ? First diagnosis is very important

Cases requiring surgery

When you feel a lump in your armpit
When you have a lump around your armpit
When there is abnormal symptom before or after menstruation
When secretion comes out from your armpit
When something is popped out like breast on the chest
When you feel pain on your mammary gland
When you need a reoperation

What is Accessory breast ?

When breast tissues is located in other place that is not supposed to be convexly, we call it ‘Accessory breast ’

It usually pops up around armpit or areola, it would be puffy or hard during pregnancy or menstrual cycle Secretion could be oozed and feel pain

Diagnosis of accessory breast

Accessory breast’s tissues are consist of areola, fat and fiber.
You can check with accurate examination such as consultation, film mammography and breast accurate scan.
Sometimes breast cancer is detected around armpit so have to get check up before operation.

Surgical methods of accessory breast

Liposuction Mammary gland removal
Incision range 0.5cm 4~6cm
 Anesthesia Partial anesthesia General anesthesia
Hospital admission No Possible to some cases
Scars None Yes
Pain after operation  2~3days  2~3days
Mammary gland removal Impossible Possible

If you don’t have not too many breast tissues or volume of polymastia or degree of sagging is not too much, you could get satisfactory result with liposuction
Incise 5mm inside armpit minutely and remove and suck fat and breast tissue at the same time.

Lacteal gland incision
We perform this procedure when there is much breast tissue and accessory breast is big and is sagged too much.
The procedure is incised below armpit for about 1cm and we remove lacteal tissue and we also remove sagged tissue and fat at the same time.

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results