Breast lift

Give elasticity into lowered confidence!

Lift up sagged breast and fill up a confidence ! Doubled elasticity can double satisfaction !

Cases requiring surgery

When breast is sagged because of small size
When breast is sagged as they are big
When breast is sagged by pregnancy or childbirth
When breast losses elasticity and is sagged after sudden diet
When breast is sagged as being aged
When you need a reoperation

What is Breast lift ?

Actually breast is naturally sagged by aging, breast-feeding and after childbirth regardless of size. Sagging and decreased elasticity are natural phenomenon after decline of breast tissues and sagging parts could be diminished by sudden diet or big breast.

We call this kind of sag mastoptosis, and you can get satisfactory result when we apply proper treatment according to the degree and reasons.

Correction method for sagging breast

Correction methods is vary according to the level of sagging or volume. When we only implement breast augmentation the upper breast become unusually bulged or double crease can be induced so consulting with skilled medical specialist or applying proper correction for each individual is necessary.


When sagging degree is slight and you want your breast to get bigger

  Sagged breast correction + Breast augmentation  

If the degree is not severe and you want your both breast to get bigger we can perform both sagged breast correction and breast augmentation at the same time


If you want bigger breast and sagging degree is severe

  Sagged breast correction+ breast enlargement(straight line incision)

If the sagging degree is severe and want breast augmentation at the same time we incise along vertical line under your breast and correct sagged breast, and then insert implants under your muscle and make natural shape.


If the sagging degree is severe and do not want your breast to get bigger

  Sagging breast correction  

We incise around areola and remove sagged skin and breast tissue and then correct breast shape, so sagged breast can be improved and we can also fix breast tissue on thorax to correct sagging breast.

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results