Harmony of beautiful breast and nipples can complete woman’s beauty

Without notice! Considered both esthetic and functional side. We got all the conditions of beautiful breast !

Cases requiring surgery

When you got retracted nipples
If you have big nipples
When nipples protrude only when there is external stimulus
When nipples don’t protrude even when you use compressor
When you get infection because of retracted nipples
When nipples got functional problem after childbirth
When you want to get surgery for cosmetic reason
When you need reoperation

What is mamilliplasty ?

Normally nipple is supposed to be more projected than areola or breast tissue around nipple.
But when nipple is retracted it is not good for both cosmetic or health reason. It can even cause problem during breast-feeding.
If nipple is not severely retracted it can be corrected by physical stimulation or liposuction, and if it is severe this can be corrected by surgery.
But if nipple is abnormally big this can be corrected by nipple retraction surgery.

Cinderella nipple surgery point

Cinderella decides proper surgery method according to shape of nipples of each individual. We perform surgery after detailed consultation with our medical specialist so you can get even more satisfied in aesthetic way.

  We perform clean surgery ! 

Milk secreted from lacteal gland has to be come out through nipples, but in case of retracted nipples the secretion of milk is not smooth so there is a chance of bad smell or infection caused by bodily waste. Cinderella cares about cleanness during surgery.

  We find you beauty and confidence!  

In case of retracted nipples patient can lose self-confidence or sex appeal because of the abnormal shape of nipples.

  We make you become confident mom! 

In case of surgery of severely retracted nipples the normal breast-feeding can be hard.

  We prevent secondary infection!  

If tube of lacteal gland has infection secretion is not smooth and there is a chance of secondary infection and lacteal gland can be melted or breast feeding can be hard.


Cause of retracted nipple

2~3% of women in Korea have retracted nipples mostly for genetic reason. But sometimes it happens after injury. People realizes they have retracted nipples during breast-feeding and sometimes it is cured after breast feeding.

Diagnostic steps of retracted nipples

Operation is needed from 2nd grade to 4th grade

Grade 1
When nipple itself protrude and retract repeatedly
Grade 2
When nipples protrude if there is external stimulus like it is cold or you take a shower
Grade 3
When it goes back to normal state if you use compressor or physical power
Grade 4
When the retracted nipples doesn’t get normal even after using physical strength

Correction of retracted nipples

Cinderella is implementing minimum incision for medical improvement of as well as natural-looking shape of nipples.


Resect lower part of nipple and pull surrounding nipple under incised part and then suture it.

  1. Resect lower part of nipple
  2. Pull surrounding skin
  3. Suture surgical site and fix nipple

Areola is incised and fiber tissue that pull nipple from inside is disorganized and then suture is made inside skin surface.

  1. Resect areola
  2. Suture fiber tissues that pulls nipple from inside
  3. Suture areola

Nipple reduction surgery

If you have bigger nipples and areola than normal nipples we perform areola reduction surgery for making ideal breasts and for recovering your self-confidence. Skilled breast surgery specialist performs surgery.

Regnault procedure
We incise skin up to the length that you want your nipples to get reduced, and then suture it onto areola so in result the length of nipple can be lowered. If the width of nipple is long we can also shorten its width.

  1. Decide the length of reduced nipples.
  2. Incise the skin of reduced part of the nipple
  3. Suture nipples to areola

Incise upper part of nipple into L shape and then bend over and suture, so the height can be reduced.

  1. Resect upper nipple into L-shape.
  2. Bend nipple and suture.

V shape incision
It sutures after incise upper nipple with V shape, it could reduce nipple size BUT lactiferous drifts will be blocked so breast-feeding will be impossible.

  1. It incises skin as much as you want
  2. It sutures nipple to areola

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results