4D Balance two-jaw surgery

I design my own face contour!

Multidimensional contour balance 4D two jaw surgery

Therapeutic target

If you have protruded chin
If your face is too long
If your face is asymmetric
if have protruded mouth
if gum is revealed too much
If the center of upper teeth is not fit with lower teeth
If reoperation is needed

What is 4D Balance two-jaw surgery?

When facial features and forehead, malar and chin have compositional balance we call it beautiful face.

Getting accurate data is necessary in order to have beautiful face through 2 jaw surgery. In the past 2 jaw surgery was just focused on cosmetic improvement and was lack of essential data. So it caused even more severe asymmetry than before surgery because of asymmetry of soft tissue.

4D-balance 2 jaw surgery can create more harmonious face contour based on analysis with pictures and three-dimensional video and precise data of bone structure and soft tissue. This can minimize side effect and can help find even more harmonious face contour.

Procedure information

Procedure Anesthesia Duration Hospitalization Treatment Recovery
2 Jaw surgery General anestheisa 2 hours 3days within 5 times It is possible to return to daily life after 2 weeks
Procedure Anesthesia Duration
2 Jaw surgery General anestheisa 2 hours
Hospitalization Treatment Recovery
3days within 5 times It is possible to return to daily life after 2 weeks

Three-dimensional effects of 4D Balance two-jaw surgery

Adjustment of the length of both upper jaw and lower jaw

The length of middle face and lower chin can be corrected.

Creation of beautiful facial line from nose tip to chin tip

The reposition and realignment of upper jaw and lower is possible.

Reduction of side face area for making slimmer face

The more beautiful facial line(from nose tip to chin tip) can be achieved.

Correcting occlusion by repositioning both jaws for improvement of pronunciation and chewing ability

Reducing area of profile makes slimmer face.

Achievement of both medical and cosmetic improvement

Adjustment of occlusion enables maximization of medical and esthetic improvement

The effect of 4D balance two-jaw surgery

Functional improvement is fundamental. Cosmetic improvement is necessary!
Most cases that require two jaw surgery is combined with asymmetric face and malocclusion. Because of the wrong position of jaw and malocclusion, jaw get excessive pressure while biting food so the malocclusion and temporomandibular joint disorder become severe.

When you go to dentistry you can miss cosmetic improvement
When you go to plastic surgery you could miss medical improvement
Cinderella plastic surgery makes medical and cosmetic improvement through safe and correct surgery and by running cooperative system of 8 departments.

Two-jaw surgery

What is two-jaw surgery ?
This is a kind of jaw correction surgery and it corrects shape position of both upper and lower jaw after osteotomy of both jaws for medical improvement of jaw’s malfunction.
Two-jaw surgery is usually performed to patients who have abnormal facial contour and have occlusional problem.
In those cases symptoms like malocclusion, decrease of chewing ability, improper pronunciation or temporomandibular joint disorder can occur at the same time.

SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy)


This is a kind of osteotomy to resect bone slantly and make broad sections. After resecting lower jaw and correcting its position, bones are overlaped and then fixed with medical pins.
SSRO use pins to fix bones firmly and the sections are broad, so bones are adhered fast and firmly. If you don’t like pins to be remained you can get them removed 6 months after surgery.

IVRO(Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy)


This method is resecting back part of jaw bone vertically. Excess jaw bone is removed and two sections are attached. The sections should fit perfectly and jaw is moved inwards.
IVRO is the surgical method of using body’s natural ability of adhesion so mecial pins are not used for fixing bones.
When the bone is cut certain substance is secreted and it helps bone firmly adhered. You should not move your jaw until the bone is adhered.

Operation time Longer than IVRO Shorter than SSRO
Jaw bone pexis Perfect fix using pin

  • Stable recovery is possible as sections are broad
  • The period of tying mouth is short
  • There can be pressure on temporomandibular joint
No need to be fixed

  • There is no pressure on temporomandibular joint and the pain can be reduced
  • The period of tying mouth for 2 weeks is necessary
physical therapy Less pressure of physical therapy than IVRO Early physical therapy is needed
Function restoration Able to use lower chin earlier Perfect recovery period of lower chin is faster than SSRO
Recovery period Stable recovery is possible but it takes longer period then IVRO Faster recovery than SSRO
Significant to report There is Possibility of neural damage though making shape of jaw bone Bone in back side might be touched at the beginning
Short chin operation Possible to have short chin operation Difficult to perform

If you only need chin tip surgery

If you receive chin tip surgery together with two jaw surgery, you can get beautiful v-line face shape.
Also in the case of short chin if you get chin tip surgery together with two jaw surgery you can get more natural face contour.
Chin tip surgery is resect chin tip horizontally and move it forward, so it can correct length and asymmetry of chin.

Pin removal surgery

  • In 2 jaw surgery pins are fixed on jaw bone in order to fix moved chin bone.
  • Pin is not harmful to human body and it doesn’t affect daily life so removing pin is personal choice.
  • Pin removal: 6months~ 1 year after surgery
  • (This is hard after a year and a half.)
  • Stitch removal: After 2 weeks
  • Hospitalization: About a day(leaving hospital is possible)

After pin removal surgery we remove swelling and pain through 1:1 customized care so quick return is possible.

Know-how of Cinderella’s balance 4D Two-Jaw surgery

Detailed consultation based on 3D CT and Orthovision simulation

We see current condition and expecting result using Orthovision simulation program and CT picture taken before surgery and make systematic surgical plan.

3D CTを基に付いて口腔外科専門医との精密な診断とカウンセリングOrthovision過程

Mounting process precisely expect occlusion after operation

Plaster model is produced after taking impression. We make upper jaw model and lower jaw model, and then perform test surgery to expect result more precisely.

3D CTを基に付いて口腔外科専門医との精密な診断とカウンセリングOrthovision過程

Why should it be Cinderella’s balance 4D two jaw surgery ?

Cinderella’s two jaw surgery was different from the beginning ! Cinderella’s balance 4D two jaw surgery is different till the end

We put top priority on satisfactory result, and thorough examination keep patient’s safety.
We have cooperation system of 8 departments
We find you the best level of beauty as well as functionality
We consider your natural facial expression and smile line after surgery
Anesthesiologists is staying 365 days and promise you to offer 1:1 care.

We won’t just care about your satisfaction. We will try our best to give you happiness

4D Balance two-jaw surgery

Main focus of 4D Balance two-jaw surgery


Surgery simulation


Detailed diagnosis


Safe surgery


Intensive treatment

Medical cooperation


Precise diagnosis

Precise diagnosis system


3D-CT examination


Precise surgery simulation using 3D face scanner


Precise diagnosis & Planning surger


Production of wafer and mounting process

Safety management

Safety System


Aseptic operation room


Uninterruptable Power Supply


CO2 Measurement System

Patented surgery



Treatment center


Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results