Surgical method of jaw surgery

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No.1 of 2 jaw surgery considering both 3-dimensional balance and smile line!

Operation information

Operation Anestheisa Operation Hospital treatment Visiting treatment Recovery
2 jaw surgery General anesthesia 2~3 hours 3 days Within 5 days Daily activity is possible after 2 weeks
Operation Anestheisa Operation
2 jaw surgery General anesthesia 2~3 hours
Hospital treatment Visiting treatment Recovery
3 days Within 5 days Daily activity is possible after 2 weeks

Diagnostic method of chin

1. Operation plan

We check jaw condition including jaw thickness and nerves and then make surgical plan.

2. Scan 3D X-ray

It is possible to collect more accurate data with high-tech 3D CT.
Jaw thickness or incline even nerve position which are invisible to the naked eye is able to be checked closely.
Complete more beautiful face with safe operation and collection upper/lower jaw data

3. ST model production

We make an operation plan after producing ST model which is same as your actual bone structure.

4. Simulation

We plan the best surgical plan based on data of bone structure and occlusion

Two jaw surgery method

Two jaw surgery

It is a surgery of correcting both upper and lower jaw.


When occlusion of upper jaw and lower jaw is not correct it is called open bite.

Long face

We correct location of teeth with orthodontics. We resect both upper and lower jaw and remove unnecessary part and then fix remaining bone.

Maxilla surgery

If lower jaw is overdeveloped we correct teeth position with orthodontics, And then resect upper jaw and relocate it.

Upper jaw reduction

If upper jaw is too long and gum is exposed too much, we resect upper jaw and remove unnecessary part and then relocate it.

Short chin correction

It is the surgical method of lengthen or shorten bone from back Part of lower chin and we fix bone using thin iron plate or screw.

Protruded chin surgery

We resect lower jaw bone and remove unnecessary bone.
And then we move it backwards and fix them considering occlusion.

4D Balance two-jaw surgery

Main focus of 4D Balance two-jaw surgery


Surgery simulation


Detailed diagnosis


Safe surgery


Intensive treatment

Medical cooperation


Precise diagnosis

Precise diagnosis system


3D-CT examination


Precise surgery simulation using 3D face scanner


Precise diagnosis & Planning surger


Production of wafer and mounting process

Safety management

Safety System


Aseptic operation room


Uninterruptable Power Supply


CO2 Measurement System

Patented surgery



Treatment center


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