Eyes that look bigger? NO! You will have real big eyes!

Upgrade the size of small eyes! Remove mongolian fold and upgrade the size of your eyes!

Cases Requiring Surgery

If your eyes look smaller because of mongolian fold
If the distance between eyes is far
If you want distinct change with double eyelid op
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome after surgery
If you want bigger, wider eyes

What is Medial Epicanthoplasty ?

Epicanthoplasty, which is called inner corner fold removal or mongolian fold correction, is surgical method to incise inner parts of eyes and lengthen the size of eyes so it can make bigger eyes.
Most Asian has mongolian fold on the inner canthus so it can make your eyes look smaller and make stuffy appearance. In this case we can correct them into wider, bigger eyes through lateral canthoplasty.

Characteristics of epicanthoplasty

When distance between eyes is far or you have small eyes, epicanthoplasty can correct your eyes into wider, bigger eyes.
Epicanthoplasty not just make your eyes “look” bigger but it actually make them “big”, so if you get double eyelid operation together
You can get more satisfied with the results.

Characteristics 1
It leaves almost no scar.

Characteristics 2
Your stuffy-looking eyes can be changed into ideal eyes.

Characteristics 3
There is almost no cohesion, so there is almost no reoperation.

Characteristics 4
Your eyes look wider and bigger only by medial epicanthoplasty

Characteristics 5
You can do daily activity right after the surgery because there is almost no swelling or pain.

Procedure of Epicanthoplasty


Cinderella’s inner corner extension is different!

No sign of surgery ? Yes !
Normal epicanthoplasty leaves visible scar because it had incised the outer surface of one’s eyelid.
Cinderella Plastic Surgery incise inner surface of an eyelid and then suture from the inside so you can barely notice the scar and it looks natural.

Naturality ? Yes !
If you get excessive epicanthoplasty or design the unsuitable surgery then your eyes will get close to each other and will look unnatural because red flesh is revealed too much.
Cinderella Plastic Surgery creates natural shape of eyes by delicate design considering your proportion of face parts and shape of your eyes.

Quick Recovery ? Yes !
Epicanthoplasty takes only 30minutes and our skilled medical team perform delicate surgery so it takes short time to recover. There is less scar and swelling so you can start daily activity right away after removing suture thread.

Lateral canthoplasty

Upgrade your eyes with Lateral Canthoplasty !

You are dissatisfied 2% with your eyes? Complete wide eyes by Cinderella’s lateral canthoplasty.

Cases requiring surgery

If you want bigger, wider eyes
If your eyes look stuffy because they are short
If it is hard to perform epicanthoplasty because eyes are close to each other.
If you have cold image because your outer tips are slanted upwards.
If you cannot be satisfied enough with medial epicanthoplasty

If you want to get reoperation to remove scar

What is Lateral canthoplasty ?

Lateral canthoplasty, which is called outer corner fold removal, means widening the outer tips of your eyes.

If the distance between eyes is short you cannot expect satisfactory result even if you get double eyelid surgery.
So if you get lateral canthoplasty your face can become more balanced.

Difference between surgical methods

Surgical part Incision of outer skin surface Incision of conjunctiva
Result Extending horizontal size of eyes Change of image by extending vertical and horizontal length
Recurrence rate High chance of recurrence Removal of mucous membrane
Almost no chance of return

Surgical procedure of outer corner extension


Lower canthoplasty

You look angry?

You can get smooth eyes by canthoplasty!

Cases Requiring Surgery

When your lateral canthus angle went up
If you want to get softer image
If your eye is small so it looks stuffy
If you couldn’t get expected outcome by medial and lateral canthoplasty
If your revealed part of white pupil is small so it looks like strabismus
If you want reoperation because scar is left

What is Lower canthoplasty ?

Lower canthoplasty means make your canthus little lower so it makes your image much softer.
Lower canthoplasty make your image much softer and it make your size bigger so you can get big, vivid eyes.
If you get lateral canthoplasty and bottom canthoplasty together you can get natural, bigger eyes.

Advantages of lower canthoplasty

Cinderella plastic surgery’s lower canthoplasty delicately incise outer canthus so the shape and size of eyes look very natural after surgery.
Since incision is made on inner part of skin so scar is almost invisible. And surgical part is not adhered again because mucous membrane is exfoliated.

 Bottom Canthoplasty

Surgical procedure of lower canthoplasty

 Bottom Canthoplasty

Bottom canthoplasty & Lateral canthoplasty

Natural, wide eyes

Bottom canthoplasty
We move canthus into a lower place so you can improve
Your overall image and it can make your eyes bigger.

Lateral canthoplasty
we incise your outer canthus outwards so it
can widen your length of your eyes.

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results