Eye Surgery for Middle-aged

Upper Blepharoplasty

Drooped eyelid along with passed time !

Let’s remove creases and regain elastic skin !

Cases Requiring Surgery

If you look sleepy because you don’t have enough
strength on your upper eyelid
If you look old because your eyelid skin is drooped
If your skin is drooped and it doesn’t open clearly
If the eyelid is drooped and it disturb your sight
If your appearance doesn’t look natural
If you want to get reoperation because the scar is remained

What is Upper Blepharoplasty ?

Crease around your eyes is the main sign of the progress of aging.
When the elasticity of upper blepharo get weak it covers your pupil and block your sight, and it has to be corrected through upper blepharoplasty.

According to one’s shape of eye how much skin is drooped, we make holes along eyebrow line and incise excessive skin.
And we strengthen intensity of levator muscles so we make it easier to open your eyes easily.
We can do blepharoplasty during doing double eyelid surgery.

Requiring cases of blepharoplasty of upper eyelid

  • If you have creases on your forehead because you use forehead muscle to open your eyes
  • If you raise your chin to look at the front
  • If you often hear from someone that you look sleepy

Normal eye

Mild blepharoptosis

Mild-severe blepharoptosis

Severe blepharoptosis

Characteristics of Upper Blepharoplasty

When upper blepharo droops down it is not just the problem of looking older than your real age. When eyelid covers your pupil or direction of eyelash goes down and it stings your pupil, it is the main cause of amblyopia.
In order to correct drooped eyelid we tighten sagged blepharo and adjust levator muscle so we must solve the fundamental problem.

Characteristics 1
We improved esthetics as well as functionality

Characteristics 2
We can crease on your forehead when you open your eyes.

Characteristics 3
You can have more cheerful look by having youthful eyes

Surgical procedure of blepharoplasty on upper eyelid

Before surgery

Precisely check resected skin part

Incise and remove excess skin

Delicately suture surgical site

It is possible because the surgery is from Cinderella !

  • We have to adjust levator muscle as well as eyelid.
    Cinderella Plastic Surgery’s upper blepharoplasty not just includes removing crease of your sagged eyelid.
    In order to satisfy both patient and doctor we have to correct drooped canthus, remove excessive skin and adjust upper blepharo’s intensity. So you can get beautiful eyes, get increase removed and look younger.
  • Not to mention wrinkle improvement, we must consider harmonious appearance with other parts of the face. 
    Through upper blepharoplasty we design your ideal eyelid that fits your image and then remove useless skin, you can get much clear eyes.
    Cinderella plastic surgery not only consider image of your face but consider deep crease on your forehead when we plan the surgery.
  • No unnatural look! We complete both naturality and better image
    When we tighten and suture skin, and correct intensity of levator muscle during upper blepharoplasty, there is a risk of getting Unnatural feeling when you blink your eyes after surgery. In order to prevent this problem we have to find ideal shape of your eyes And consider harmony with other face parts and then we adapt this in making procedure.
  • We lowered the stress of getting scar and swelling.
    Cinderella’s Upper blepharoplasty minimize scar by making smallest incision and suturing sophisticatedly, and this can make you recover fast And perfect from surgery.For this our professional medical team do surgery on our own.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty

We can correct droopiness of lower blepharo without scar !

Cases Requiring Surgery

When your lower eyelid has less strength and look sleepy
If you look older because your lower blepharo is drooped
If there is crease on your lower blepharo and lost elasticity
If your appearance look unnatural
If the scar is remained and you want reoperation

What is Lower Blepharoplasty ?

Middle-aged person’s eyes can get bulge and likely to have crease. As
fat layer is destroyed, you can get shade and thick dark circle on your lower blepharo. It gives you tired look. You can correct this by lower blepharoplasty.

In order to minimize scar according to one’s shape and droopiness of your eyes we incise nearest skin along the eyebrow line and tighten drooped skin.
It is more effective to do this surgery with fat relocation surgery.

Characteristics of Lower Blepharoplasty

Generally lower blepharo is likely to get old faster than upper blepharo. This is because bag of fat inside of lower blepharo is weaker.
The more fat is drooped inside lower blepharo, the more visible becomes the dark circle. It makes you look older.
In order to get more satisfied result we have to improve wrinkle and minimize visible scar by doing the smallest incision and sophisticated suture.

Characteristics 1
You can get clearer image by youthful eyes

Characteristics 2
We minimize visible scar.

Characteristics 3
It is effective to improve wrinkle and dark circle.

Surgical procedure of blepharoplasty on lower eyelid

Design incisional site along eyeline

Incise eyelid skin

Remove sagged skin After pulling skin tightly.

Delicately suture surgical site.

It is possible because the surgery is from Cinderella !

It is possible because the surgery is from Cinderella !

You cannot help with sagged fat in your lower blepharo ?
We can solve it clearly with Cinderella lower blepharoplasty !

  • You can make youthful eyes by lower blepharoplasty and get celebrities’ eyes.
    Lower blepharoplasty is the surgery that removes sagged, uneven fat and shade. The procedure begins after incising skin so it is important to incise sophisticatedly and suture the way it looks natural. Cinderella Plastic Surgery take responsibility for Whole process of surgery in order to minimize scar and swelling.
  • We will improve small wrinkle and dark circle and make you be confident about your appearance.
    Destroyed, uneven fat layer under your lower blepharo make your small wrinkle more visible. Where the fat layer got thin is more likely for dark circle to be seen vividly so it make your image darker. Cinderella Plastic Surgery’s lower blepharoplasty perform the most sophisticated Procedure, and you can even expect improvement of wrinkle and dark circle.
  • We lowered the stress of getting scar and swelling.
    Cinderella’s Upper blepharoplasty minimize scar by making smallest incision and suturing sophisticatedly, and this can make you recover fast And perfect from surgery.For this our professional medical team do surgery on our own.

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results