Take off fat and wear elasticity !

Liposuction can do it! You can also get elasticity !

Cases requiring surgery

If your general body has a lot of fat
If the fat does not get reduced with exercise and diet
If you want to remove excess fat on particular body part
If you want to look stylish on your clothes
If your skin is uneven
If you want to correct body shape in short period of time
If reoperation is needed

What is Liposuction ?

Liposuction is to remove excess fat layer using physical strength.
There are various kinds of liposuction like liposuction using ultrasonic waves, and liposuction using water or using laser equipment.
Each methods has pros and cons so the suitable method is selected considering patient’s body shape, condition and surgical site.

Operation information

Surgical method Anesthesia Hospitalization Duration Treatment Recovery period
Liposuction Partial anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia No 30min ~ 2hours 5 times Daily activity is possible on the next day of surgery
Surgical method Anesthesia Hospitalization
Liposuction Partial anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia No
Duration Treatment Recovery period
30min ~ 2hours 5 times Daily activity is possible on the next day of surgery

Beautiful body shape

Slim body

Slim body with less fat

Balanced body

Voluminous body with balance without fat

Standards on beautiful body is different according to society and age. The voluminous body was considered ideal body, but now slim, balanced and healthy body is favored.
Making slim body through exercise and diet is possible if we make continuous effort. But if fat is lost on cheek, breast or hip it can decrease volume on the parts. We can make voluminous, balanced body shape through partial liposuction.

Partial liposuction

Liposuction has to be performed after precise diagnosis and detailed consultation before surgery.


Surgical method of Liposuction

Cinderella will make you slim, balanced body shape by performing different procedure for each patient’s condition and surgical site.

SAL(suction assisted lipoplasty)
This is surgical procedure to insert Tumescent solution into surgical part and absorb fat through tube. This method requires delicate adjustment and it is generally used method as it extracts much fat safely.
This method is suitable for liposuction on face, arm, ankle and thigh.

PAL(power assisted lipoplasty)
This method that pipe which sucks fat destories periphery fat while repeat to spin right and left side with fast speed, it is easy relatively and suck pretty much amount of fat.
However it might cause damage of blood vessel depends on movement of pipe. So it needs elaborate skill in order to prevent bleeding and bruise after operation.
This is proper for abdomen, back and love handle like site that has much fat.

PAL(power assisted lipoplasty)

UAL(ultrasound assisted lipoplasty)
This method is to destroy fat with Ultrasonic wave that is made from Attached Ultrasonic generator.
It could suck fat effectively and less bleeding. But Ultrasonic generator generates heat, so it might cause burn on skin.
This is proper operation method for 허벅지 바깥 승마살, calf, ankle its like site which has hard fat tissues.

Water jet lipoplasty
This procedure is to separate fat from blood vessel and nerve using tiny water particle, so it doesn’t harm other organs.
There is less bruise and swelling and you can returned to daily life faster.
It can be applied to various body parts and it is suitable to someone who have a weak body.

PAL(power assisted lipoplasty)

Acushape laser lipoplasty
Accuscalp laser melts fat and reproduce collagen so delicate fat removal and face lift can be achieved at the same time. There is mild swelling and there is almost no side effect so fast return to daily life is possible. This method is especially effective on the body parts that can hardly be managed with exercise. If you feel strain about liposuction only applying laser can make face lift effect.

PAL(power assisted lipoplasty)

Mini Liposuction

Combines laser and ultrasonic wave to melt fat and suck fat tissues in small site in a short with minute pipe.
It is very effective for liposuction in part, you could see effect which is liposuction and skin elasticity.

Could expect correction of figure in a short with mini liposuction such as chin, cheek, side site. It is possible to go back to daily life since mini liposuction doesn’t give less burden than general liposuction because if you have liposuction, should be under general anesthesia
This is proper method for abdomen, thigh, over knee, arm.

Liposuction VS Mini Liposuction

General liposuction Mini liposuction
Operation time 1~2 hours Within 30 minutes
Anesthetizing Sleeping anesthesia Local anesthesia, Sleeping anesthesia
Application site leg1 leg2
Amount of fat suction Big amount of fat can be extracted Less than 1500cc
Process of restoration Swelling can be induced depending on method Almost no swelling and pain


Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results