Body lift

Healthy body, beautiful body contour !

Different elasticity ! Slim, attractive body contour

Cases requiring surgery

If skin is drooped after repeated diet
If abdomen is drooped by aging
If abdomen is drooped after pregnancy or childbirth
If you can see celulite on your thigh or hips
If you cannot lose weight easily with exercise
If you are under stress with continuous diet

What is body lift?

If we remove sagged skin on overall body and make body contour slim and smooth by performing body contouring surgery, you can get desired body shape and skin.


Treatment information

Surgical method Anesthesia Duration Hospitalization Recovery period
Body contouring Anesthetic cream(Partial anesthesia) 1hour~1hour 30minutes No Daily activity is possible
Surgical method Anesthesia Duration
Body contouring Anesthetic cream(Partial anesthesia) 1hour~1hour 30minutes
Hospitalization Recovery period
No Daily activity is possible

Cinderella’s body contouring

Cinderella’s body contouring is surgery to strengthen skin’s elasticity and create beautiful body contour.
High-frequency wave treatment is used to stimulate subcutaneous skin and fat, and new collagen is reproduced so skin elasticity is increased.

Point 1  Because laser reaches deep skin layer !

You can get skin lift and wrinkle improvement at the same time.

Point 2  Because there is no worry about hyperpigmentation

You can get treatment regardless of season, ultraviolet rays or skin type.

Point 3  Because it induces collagen increase

Cinderella’s high frequency wave treatment and vitamin injection induces elasticity increase through collagen reproduction.

Point 4  Because it removes wrinkles and elasticity

We solve your lack of confidence through wrinkle improvement and elasticity increase considering customer’s body condition.


Principle of body lift

We apply high-frequency wave to sagged abdomen, arm, and hips and recovers elastic fibers, so skin elasticity is increased.


Surgical method of body lift

Cinderella’s body lift treatment applies high frequency to deep skin layer and selectively destroy cellulite, and body line is reshaped and drooped skin is improved. Recovery period is short so it doesn’t affect your daily life.

Applied parts of body lift


Advantage of body lift

1:1 customized operation
1:1 customized operation

Short treatment time
Short treatment time

Noticeable effect
Noticeable effect

Daily activity is possible right after treatment
Daily activity is possible right after treatment

Body lift vs Laser treatment vs Liposuction

Classification Cinderella’s body lift Laser treatment Liposuction
Anesthesia Partial anesthetic cream Partial anesthesia General anesthesia
Number of treatment 1~2 times 5~6 times 1~2 times
Effect Right after treatment After 2 weeks After 1 weeks
Daily life No After 1 week After 1~2 weeks
Duration More than 1 year 6 months More than 1 year

For synergy effect

Velody lift

Velody  generates strong waves and stimulates subcutaneous layer, it catalyzes to generates collagen and elastin and lift drooped site effectively, gives maximal elasticity and volume


Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results