Two-jaw surgery reoperation

We will heal your mind and will correct your face problem.

We will show best result with 8 cooperation system of medical specialist by field

Cases requiring surgery

After Two jaw operation if a lantern jaw is not improved
After Two jaw operation if a projecting mouth is not improved
After Two jaw operation if patients still have long face
After Two jaw operation if it is asymmetry
After Two jaw operation if occlusion is right but patients are not satisfied aesthetically
After Two jaw operation if patients feel temporomandibular dysfunction or nerve disorder
After Two jaw operation if chin becomes short

What is Two-jaw surgery reoperation?

If occlusion is not aligned or protruded mouth or chin was not improved after 2 jaw surgery we can perform reoperation.

Two-jaw surgery is very complicated surgery so getting satisfactory result is also complicated. So you have to receive surgery from medical specialist with plentiful medical experience.

The reason that Two jaw reoperation is hard.

Wrong surgery broke your heart?
Cinderella can heal your face and mind and will give you excellent result.

  • After resected facial bone and tissue are adhered from the first surgery, resecting bone again can be impossible.
  • Excessive resection of bone can make it hard to get bones adhered or find fixation point.
  • Excess transformation on the face after surgery can make it hard to perform good surgery.

Reoperation for two-jaw surgery! Cinderella clinic’s main focus

Point 1  The answer is fixation point !
Fixation point means the point of fixing bones. The size of chin bone has already been decreased and was already fixed by fixation pins, so finding new fixing point is really important. If there is almost no bone left on the fixation point it can be hard to fix chin bone.

Point 2  Maintaining Fixed technical skills !

In case of facial asymmetry or protruded chin, chin bone has tendency to return to its original position, so it is important to fix bone firmly on the perfect position. We correct position of chin bone perfectly in order not to cause secondary reoperation.

Point 3  Surgery experience for many years

In Two-jaw reoperation case, it is needed acumen to consider harmonious line at large and also need anatomical understanding in order to correct modified bones. Cinderella completes treatment satisfaction with a lot of clinical demonstrations for many years and 8 medical professionals cooperation syetems.

Cinderella is the best for two jaw surgery!


we have 8 cooperative medical system
Medical specialists of each department discuss and find exact reason for reoperation and organize surgery plan. It is important to choose hospital which can provide safe, professional surgery and can make both medical and cosmetic improvement for your face.


It is possible to offer intensive care of two jaw surgery
We are taking responsibility for life and health of each patient and we offer exclusive care of patients of 2 jaw surgery in patient’ room. We can monitor patient’s condition in real-time.


We pursue safe surgery
We diagnosis patient’s condition before surgery and then decide proper surgical method and type of anesthesia. Anesthesiologist manage patient’s status during the whole surgical procedure and secure patient’s safety and fast recovery.

Example of Two jaw reoperation

If lantern jaw is left after operation
If occlusion is still not aligned and there is protruded chin we correct the position of chin through reoperation and then fix them and prevent secondary reoperation.

If facial asymmetry is formed after operation
If facial asymmetry is still formed after operation or gets worse, it has to be corrected by reoperation, Correct jaw position and occlusion tooth and fix to the bilateral symmetry.

Characteristics of Cinderella’s two jaw surgery

Skilled Know-How
Skilled Know-How

Enough examination before operation
Enough examination before operation

Organized system for reoperation
Organized system for reoperation

Full understanding about reoperation
Full understanding about reoperation

Precise operation to prevent secondary reoperation
Precise operation to prevent secondary reoperation

Best post-surgery care
Best post-surgery care

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results