Breast reoperation

Recovery of satisfaction and self-confidence

Satisfactory volume and naturality ! Precise surgery that has no chance of secondary reoperation

Cases requiring surgery

If one breasts is bigger than the other
If sagging is too much after breast surgery
When patients are not satisfied with result after operation
If is damaged or modified
When breast become hard by after operation
When line is unnatural after breast operaiton

What is breast reoperation?

If there is sequela like breakage or transform of implants or capsular contracture after surgery, reoperation is inevitable. Also lack of volume or unnatural appearance after breast surgery can make one decide reoperation.

Breast revisional surgery includes implant removal, so skilled surgeon has to perform the surgery.
Cinderella plastic surgery’s breast revisional surgery considers patient’s needs about body line and volume as much as possible and make more satisfactory results.

Timing of having breast reoperation

Breast reconstruction surgery is good to perform from 6 months to 1 year. But if the breakage or transformation of implants occur, having consultation with medical specialists as fast as possible is recommended.
If patients need reoperation for dissatisfaction with their volume or line, the surgery should be proceeded after implants and breast shape is stabilized.

Cinderella’s breast reoperation

Women who wants to have breast reoperation are increasing as more and more women are getting breast surgery.
Cinderella has general hospital level examination system so we can check exact problem and we are offering systematic, professional post-surgery care by specialists.

Suitable surgical procedure for each type of breast


Capsular Contracture

It is the most common reason of reoperation. In this case we change the position of implants or insert the new implants after removing original implants.


Dissatisfaction of size

When the desired size and shape were not created we remove implants and exchange it for new implants or move them to other place and make new breast shape.


Bulged upper breast

It is surgical procedure that enlarges space inside lower breast, but if there is capsular contracture we remove around implant and then


Size or shape is asymmetric after breast surgery and there are various reason. Scoliosis caused by wrong position, wrong implant during breast surgery and we figure out precise reason and perform revisional surgery.


Prostheses ectopia
Women in Korea usually have little amount of fat and have little amount of tissue so implant is usually inserted under breast muscle. If implant is inserted on the muscle there can be capsular contracture and implants can be seen and can be touched, so the breast may look unnatural. If it is the reason of wrong placement of implants, we remove implants and then make space for breast under the muscle and insert implants again.

Cinderella’s breast surgery is different!

Skilled Know-How

Enough examination before operation

Organized system for reoperation

Full understanding about reoperation

Precise operation does not allow second reoperation

Best post-surgery care

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results