Thread lift

Silhouette lift

It returns volume of your skin!

Three-dimensional face lift completes baby face!

Cases requiring silhouette lift

If you are worried about sagged eyelid and fine wrinkles
If nasolabial fold is deep
If your face looks bad-tempered because of sagged cheek
If neck wrinkle is severe
If boundary between chin and neck is vague
If you want to get baby face without surgery

What is silhouette lift?

Silhouette lift uses medical thread with cones on it and insert thread into subcutaneous layer and lift face.
CONE is absorbable equipment which was approved in FDA, CE and it is not harmful to body and it is also effective in facelift, neck lift and body lift. Cone thread stimulates reproduction of skin cells and collagen so it is effective in increasing skin elasticity and facelift, skin whitening and improvement of skin tone, so it makes youthful skin.

Operation information

Methods Anesthesia Duration Follow-up Recovery
Silhouette lift(thread lift) Partial anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia Around 45min treatment No Daily activity is possible right after surgery
Methods Anesthesia Duration
Silhouette lift(thread lift) Partial anesthesia, sleeping anesthesia Around 45min
Follow-up Recovery
treatment No Daily activity is possible right after surgery

Characteristics of Cinderella’s silhouette lift

Cinderella plastic surgery’s silhouette lift prevents aging of people in their 2~30th and is also effective for wrinkle improvement for aged people. Your skin will be lifted and regenerated.

Quick speed
The duration is so short and you can get back to daily life right after the treatment, and you can see the results right after surgery.

Continuous effectiveness
It is advanced 3-dimensional facelift methods so you can experience powerful, semi-permanent

It is safe treatment
The thread was approved in FDA, CE and safety was approved in abroad.

It is good for anyone
This surgery is able to be performed to 20~30th for preventing aging and to aged people for facelift.

What is Cone?

Special thread that cones are equipped was approved in FDA, CE and KFDA, and it lifts sagged skin and wrinkle from many angles. And this makes it possible to lift sagged face and wrinkle more delicately.
The equipment is absorbable and it is absorbed into body after 6months. Threads are inserted through small incision on scalp so scar is almost invisible.

Silhouette lift Original thread lift Incisional lift
Anesthesia Partial, sleeping anesthesia Partial, sleeping anesthesia General anesthesia
Treatment 45min Around 1hour 3~5hours
Recovery 2~3days 5~7days 2~3weeks
Scar Invisible because incision is made on scalp Different for each body part Induced in front of and behind ears
Price High price High price High price

Surgical parts of silhouette lift

Surgical parts of silhouette lift

Process of silhouette lift

We decide surgical parts after enough consultation with medical specialists.

Incise scalp of side head after partial anesthesia or sleeping anesthesia.

We insert special thread Into subcutaneous layer

Pull thread towards desired direction and then fix them.


Anti-aging treatment removes age from your face!

Endotine removes wrinkle and age from your face

Cases requiring surgery

If your face has no elasticity
If you have many wrinkles on forehead and face between eyebrows
If your eyelid is severely sagged
If your face skin is sagged overall
If you want v-line face
If reoperation is needed

What is Endotine?

Endotine lifts sagged skin and returns healthy, smooth skin.
Endotine is very effective to wrinkle improvement and elasticity improvement. Also deep, thick wrinkles are also able to be improved so it is famous among middle-aged.


Surgical method Anesthesia Duration Follow-up Recovery
Endotine Partial anesthesia 1~2hours 3~4times Daily activity is possible after 1~2 weeks
Surgical method Anesthesia Duration
Endotine Partial anesthesia 1~2hours
Follow-up Recovery
3~4times Daily activity is possible after 1~2 weeks

Characteristics of Endotine

Endotine is absorbable soft implants approved by FDA, and it can be fixed on skin tissue after surgery.

Semi-permanent and definite lift

Safe because it is absorbed into body

Fine incision using endoscope

Able to regulate power On the lifting part

Almost no harm of blood vessel

Able to perform revisional forehead surgery in 2weeks

Surgical parts of Endotine

Surgical methods of Endotine surgery

1. Incise 3~4mm behind hairline

2. Insert Endotine and fix it

3. Exfoliate enough skin and then pull the skin

4. Lift exfoliated skin and fix it on the Endotine

Other required surgeries with Endotine



Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results