Fill up the volume without surgery

Safe, authentic filler approved by FDA. Three-dimensional face easily and fast

Cases requiring filler injection

If you want love band
If you want voluminous lips
If you want to trim your overall facial contour
If you want to correct your nose bridge In a non-surgical way
IF you want to fill up nasolabial fold
If you look aged because of hollow forehead or deep forehead wrinkle

What is filler?

Filler is artificial material which was made. When filler is injected soft tissue is expanded and it can reduce wrinkles or add volume. It is effective to nasolabial fold, deep scar or deep wrinkle and if it is injected into nose or lips it is as if you got plastic surgery. Also it improves cell or it is effective for hollow tissue.
Filler injection is done using injector and there is almost no swelling or infection and you can see direct effect. There are various types of fillers and proper filler is chosen and the effect lasts 1~5 years.

Treatment information

Treatment Anesthesia Treatment time Follow-up treatment Recovery
Filler Anesthetic cream 10min No Daily activity is possible right after surgery
Treatment Anesthesia Treatment time
Filler Anesthetic cream 10min
Follow-up treatment Recovery
No Daily activity is possible right after surgery

Characteristics of Cinderella’s filler

Cinderella plastic surgery center inject safe, authentic filler into wrinkle or hollow skin and you can see effectiveness fast.

Authentic, approved filler
Instant effectiveness
Safe treatment

Filler possible to be applied


Types of filler


Juvederm was made of hyaluronic acid and was approved by FDA that the effect lasts for 12months. This can be applied on various body parts like restylane. It is gel type which is absosbed 100% and you can get wrinkle improvement and your skin will become elastic and moist.

Advantages of Juvederm

  • It is soft gel type and is good for wrinkle improvement.
  • FDA approved Juvederm’s durability and safety.
  • It is non-animal hyaluronic acid and is absorbed naturally into body.

Methods of filler injection

Design treatment after enough consultation with medical specialists

Apply anesthetic ointment or ice pack

Inject proper amount of filler on the face

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results