Anti-aging injection

PRP injection

Be beautiful using your own blood

Don’t worry about side-effects! Beautiful skin! Healthy scalp!

Cases requiring PRP injection

When your skin is sagging
When melasma and pigmentation is severe
When pores are big
Aging skin
When you want to fill up nasolabial fold
When you have many fine wrinkles

What is PRP injection?

PRP is known as ‘blood injection’ and it means plasma full of platelet, and this injection is to inject concentrated plasma full of platelet into the skin and induce natural skin regeneration.
PRP injection uses your own blood and then separate plasma using separator, and then inject it into deep layer of skin.
There are many growth factors in plasma with rich platelet so it generates collagen and induce new cells and blood vessels so it makes your skin become younger. PRP is also good for scar revision, skin regeneration, anti-aging, pigmentation.
Your skin will look more livelier and more elastic.

Treatment information

Treatment Anesthesia Time Follow-up treatment Recovery
PRP injection(Skin regeneration using your own blood) Anesthetic cream Around 1 hour No Daily activity is possible right after surgery
Treatment Anesthesia Time
PRP injection(Skin regeneration using your own blood) Anesthetic cream Around 1 hour
Follow-up treatment Recovery
No Daily activity is possible right after surgery

Characteristics of Cinderella’s PRP injection

We perform PRP injection using platelets and it helps regeneration of skin so you skin will not have extreme scar or swelling. It is very effective for pore tightening, whitening, acne scar revision.

Treatment time is short
Treatment time is short so busy office workers can receive this treatment during lunch time, and daily activity is possible right after treatment.

One time is enough
You can expect great results even only by getting one treatment.

It is safe treatment
Since your own blood is used there is less side-effects such as irritation or infection therefore it is more effective than normal skin treatment.

PRP injection?

Simple acne scar revision
Plasma’s growth factors gathers stem cells to help with regeneration of skin cells and also collagen and elastin reproduction so it is helpful for reducing acne scars.

PRP injection?
Deep acne scar treatment
PRP stimulates sebum secretion and increases fiber tissue so it reduces pore size and reduces deep acne scars.

PRP injection?

We inject cells with growth factors on fatigue, aged skin and make cells regenerated by themselves to produce baby face effect.
Facelift effect
Facelift effect
Activated platelet’s growth factors interact with stem cells and create fiber tissue so it can increase skin elasticity and face lift effect.

Plasma filler
Plasma filler
Plasma gel fills hollow lower eyelid, cheek, glabella and nasolabial fold and increases survival rate of cells so it is effective for wrinkle improvement.

Principle of PRP injection

Principle of PRP injection
Injection of plasma with enriched platelet

Principle of PRP injection
Secretion of various growth factors from platelet and white blood cell

Principle of PRP injection
Growth factors draw stem cells

Principle of PRP injection
Collagen and elastin are reproduced

Principle of PRP injection
Differentiation of stem cell on the injected part as Collagen and other cells are increased to induce hair growth

Process of PRP treatment

Blood gathering 10cc~15cc
Blood gathering
Blood gathering 10cc~15cc

Separation and extraction of platelet
Separation and extraction of platelet
Separation of plasma using Centrifugal separator

Activation of plasma
Activation of plasma
Activation of platelet from extracted plasma

PRP injection into desired parts

Gloss Injection

Secret of moist, glossy skin

Creation of moist, glossy skin.We fills up moist into the skin directly

Cases requiring gloss injection

When your skin is lacking of vitality
When make up is not enough to fix issues
When your skin is severely dry
When your skin has pigmentation caused by frequent make up
When your skin surface is not smooth
When your skin is sagging

What is Gloss injection?

Hyaluronic Acid is found inside human’s skin and it keeps moisture inside the cell. As one ages, Hyaluronic Acid is decreased, nutrients are not sufficiently supplied and waste is not removed effectively, skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles are formed. Gloss injection contains Hyaluronic Acid to fix issues related to moisture.

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic Acid is substance that are usually exist inside one’s skin and it connects tissue like collagen and elastin. It can retain moisture 20~1000times of its volume, and it can keep distance between cells, retain and distribute nutrients and it upgrade skin elasticity and retain much moisture so it is helpful for making moist, glossy skin.

Characteristics of Cinderella’s gloss injection

Cinderella’s gloss injection is an injection of Hyaluronic Acid filler into facial skin directly so it helps skin complement moisture and increase its elasticity therefore fine wrinkles can be improved.

We use authentic hyaluronic acid filler

Continuous effect can be continued

It is safe treatment

Effects of gloss injection

Surgery is not needed
This treatment uses injection therefore there is no need to perform surgery or anesthesia. You can get treatment easily and do not have to worry about swelling, pain or recovery period.

Enough supply of moisture
Hyaluronic Acid filler fills up moisture from deep inside your skin which will provide your skin with enough moisture.

Skin tightening
Hyaluronic Acid keeps distance between cells and retains moisture 20~1000 times of its volume therefore it retains and distributes nutrients so it increases skin elasticity.

Skin whitening and pore tightening is possible
Your skin can get brighter and pore can be tightened.

Facial parts where Gloss injection can be applied


Procedure of gloss injection

Deep cleansing
Deep cleansing
Deep cleansing removes waste and remaining makeup

Anesthetic cream
Anesthetic cream
Partial anesthesia using anesthetic cream on the desired facial parts

Treatment is done in the form of injection. If desired, massage and laser can be done after the injection.

Vitamin injection

Real beauty cannot give up both beauty and health!

Revitalize fatigue skin and body! true beauty is based on health!

Cases requiring vitamin injection

If skin trouble is severe
If you are suffering from allergy
If body function became worse
If you feel chronic fatigue
If body’s resistance is weak
If you want to increase concentration and memory

What is vitamin injection?

Vitamin injection is to inject massive antioxidant like vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium and flavonoid into the body and help remove active oxygen from your body.

Treatment information

Treatment Anesthesia Duration Follow-up treatment Recovery
Vitamin injection Anesthetic cream Within 5 min No Daily activity is possible right after surgery
Treatment Anesthesia Duration
Vitamin injection Anesthetic cream Within 5 min
Follow-up treatment Recovery
No Daily activity is possible right after surgery

Characteristics of Cinderella’s vitamin injection

Vitamin injection is treatment for patients who are suffering from chronic fatigue after decrease of body function and recuperative powers. It injects vitamin and mineral into the blood vessel so it can improve vitality and body condition.

Chronic fatigue can be improved
Cinderella clinic’s vitamin injection help increase immunity, recovery of fatigue, increase of vitality and recovery of endorphin.

We can prevent aging
Your body can gain vitality and into fatigue skin and body so it is helpful to prevent aging.

It is fast and simple
Since it is injection treatment so it is simple and fast, and it doesn’t affect your daily life.

It strengthen your immunity and is helpful to your body
It strengthens immunity of your body and skin so it can prevent cold and make you more healthy.

Anti-aging injection

Anti-aging injection

I want to catch both health and beauty

Cinderella plastic surgery’s anti-aging injection

Cinderella plastic surgery’s anti-aging injection can slow the aging process.
Also it is effective for reducing chronic fatigue, stress disease, freckles and allergy.

Upgrade of level of immunity
It solves fatigue and help recovery of beta endorphin by upgrading immune system so it becomes basis of healthy beauty.

Regeneration of cell
It stimulates regeneration of old cells so it can make more youthful, healthy skin.

Skin whitening
Vitamin injection can improve health and can make skin brighter.

It can detoxicate your body so it can improve immune system and protect body from various disease or viruses.

Five anti-aging injections

Garlic injection
This injection has plenty of vitamin B1 and it can activate function of muscle and nerves and can improve metabolism.
It is directly injected into vein so it can quickly improve fatigue or feeling of boredom.
It is good for athletes, celebrities or students.

  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling of helplessless
  • Concentration

Licorice injection
Licorice is usually used to make herbal medicine and main ingredients are glycyrrhizin, cysteine and glycine. Glycyrrhizin is good for detoxification and it improves immune system.

  • Fatigue recovery
  • Immune system
  • Body fat reduction
  • Liver function
  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin whitening
  • Allergic skin trouble

Placenta injection

Placenta injection
Placenta is organ inside womb and it delivers nutrients, oxygen and immunity substance to baby. Placenta has plenty of nutrients like amino acid, peptide, mineral, lipid and hormone and it has been used for medicine. Placenta injection uses protein decomposed into amino acid.

  • Hormone secretion
  • Brain function
  • Anti-aging
  • Chronic fatigue

Cinderella(lipoic acid) injection

Cinderella(lipoic acid) injection
Cinderella injection help reduce body fat and help anti-aging. Lipoic acid blocks oxidation and waste is removed so your skin become healthier and body fat is reduced.

  • Skin whitening
  • Body fat reduction
  • Anti-aging
  • Fatigue improvement
  • Prevention and improvement of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

White jade injection

White jade injection
White jade is restricted and it is one of vitamin injection. Glutathione restricts skin whitening and and melanin so it gives you whitening effect.

  • Skin whitening
  • Melanin pigment
  • Anti-aging 4. Antioxidation
  • Metal discharge


Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results