Stem-cell center

Your skin is sagged and wrinkled?

Regain youthful baby face with stem-cell!

Cases requiring treatment

If your skin is sagged and has a lot of wrinkles
If you have many freckles
If you want to improve acne or acne scar
If your skin has less elasticity
If your skin is too dry or too oily
If you cannot get desired results after normal skin care
If you got side-effects after skin treatment

Cinderella clinic’s stem-cell center

Cinderella plastic surgery center studied growth factors inside human’s body and developed C-cell Bio-medical Solution.
This can restore skin’s natural healing and skin balance so it can revitalize fatigue skin. Also we suggest customized self-care instruction in order to keep your skin healthy through continuous, systematic care.

Treatment information

Treatment Anesthesia Duration Hospitalization Follow-up treatment Recovery
Stem-cell treatment No 1hour No Once You can go back to daily life after 1 week
Treatment Anesthesia Duration
Stem-cell treatment No 1hour
Hospitalization Follow-up treatment Recovery
No Once You can go back to daily life after 1 week

Characteristics of Cinderella plastic surgery’s stem cell center

The latest stem-cell regenerative medicine center
Cinderella’s stem cell center is studying on how stem cell affects cell’s regeneration. Now stem cell is used in not only Parkinson´s disease but in cancer treatment and infertility, and now the world is paying attention and is studying on stem cell’s effectiveness. Cinderella plastic surgery center is particularly studying on skin regeneration and anti-aging.


Stem cell center
Cinderella plastic surgery’s stem cell laboratory is reversely differentiating cells and gain stem cell from it so customized stem cell can be produced and supplied.
Also we are using bioactive substance extracted from stem cell and developing functional cosmetics and medicine.


Thorough post-treatment center
Cinderella plastic surgery center runs post-treatment center in order to maintain good skin condition.
Post-treatment center offers customized care program for customer satisfaction.


Special thing about Cinderella’s stem cell center

Cinderella plastic surgery center’s stem cell center can use stem cell to improve your sagging skin, freckles, dark face and deep acne scar, so you can get healthy skin as well as confidence.

Specialists in stem cell has plenty of medical experience and advanced technology.

Specialists in stem cell has plenty of medical experience and advanced technology.

Advanced technology and medicine on stem-cell treatment

Perfect, systemized regeneration system

Study on stem cell medicine and baby face program

Maintenance of continuous effect using stem-cell cosmetics

What is C Cell Bio-Medical Solution

C-cell bio medical solution extract stem-cell from your own blood and and give your skin vitality. This is advanced medicine and you can improve elasticity, freckle, and wrinkles.
This medicine uses your own blood so there is almost no side-effects and protect your skin from pollution and increase recyclability.

C Cell Bio-Medical Solutionとは?

Reproduction of C-Cell

Cinderella plastic surgery’s c-cell solution program examines your skin condition, age, sex and body condition and produces medicine through safe, approved process.

Reproduction of C-Cell
Consultation and examination and order medicine

Reproduction of C-Cell
Extract blood

Reproduction of C-Cell
Firs examination in lab(HIV, virus etc.)

Reproduction of C-Cell
Second examination in lab

Reproduction of C-Cell

Reproduction of C-Cell
Final test before shipping

Reproduction of C-Cell

Reproduction of C-Cell
Freezing storage

Reproduction of C-Cell
Use 1 ample a day

Reproduction of C-Cell
Complete baby face

Effectiveness of C cell

Main function of stem cell is tissue regeneration, differentiation, immunity improvement, growth factor activation. Effectiveness of C Cell can be different depending on person’s biorhythms, daily life and body condition but generally this can give you couple of effects listed below.

Freckle<br />improvement
Freckle improvement

Skin elasticity
Skin elasticity

Skin whitening
Skin whitening

Pore contraction
Pore contraction

Wrinkle improvement
Wrinkle improvement

Stem-cell skin care program

Regenerate skin cell, keep youthful skin and return the age of your skin by Cinderella’s secret stem-cell care program.

STEP 1 Detailed diagnosis of specialists and finding out fundamental skin problem

STEP 2 Use safe, satisfactory C-cell bio medical solution

STEP 3 Use stem-cell cosmetics to maintain and upgrade effectiveness of C cell(Dr. JP)

STEP 4 Systematic skin regeneration system and perfect post-treatment care

STEP 5 Regular checkup of your skin condition through lifetime care system

Dr. JP cosmetics

Dr. JP cosmetics will returns your age

Dr. JP cosmetics was made by stem-cell medical specialists

Dr.JP brand story

Age of skin is your self-esteem.
Yang Guifei took a bath with rose and Cleopatra used beer to wash her face to keep youthful appearance. Women tried to keep youthfulness from ancient times.

Cinderella plastic surgery center started studying stem-cell to make women’s skin beautiful and to return skin’s youthfulness. They started stem-cell study which is safe and effective.
Cinderella plastic surgery’s medical specialists and stem-cell specialists developed Dr. JP, and it restores skin condition damaged from pollution. We will keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

What is Dr.JP Bio-Stem Cell Cosmetics?

New concept of stem-cell cosmetics named Dr. JP bio-stem cell activates skin cells with growth factors. EGF, peptide, adenosine prevents skin from sagging and make smoother, healthier skin surface. Also it can improve wrinkles.


Dr. JP’s bio- stem cell cosmetics helps absorption of stem cell medicine and it can make better results.
We recommend you to use C Cell Bio-medical solution and bio-stem cell cosmetics together.

Bio-Stem Cell Essential Skin
Growth factor named CALECIM, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and collagen are ingredients of Bio-stem cell skin and this supplies moisture and improve elasticity. Moist NP keep moist from evaporating and soothes skin so it can protect your skin.

  • Usage :
    Use C cell bio-medical solution right after face wash and pour the toner on cotton aand wipe your skin softly.
  • Capacity :
    50ml (Used natural preservative)


Bio-Stem Cell Recovery Complex Ample
CALECIM activates cell’s function and soothe skin. Adenosin, EGF, Acetyl Hexa peptide, collagen and Sanghwang Mushroom extract keep your skin healthy and smooth.

  • Usage :
    Apply proper amount of ample on your face after using toner.
  • Capacity :
    30ml(No surfactant, no fragrance, no preservative)


Bio-Stem Activating Serum
CALECIM activates cell’s function and soothe skin. Adenosin, EGF, Acetyl Hexa peptide, collagen and Sanghwang Mushroom extract keep your skin healthy.
Rice bran help your skin become brighter, and phytogenic complex soothes and protects skin from pollution.

  • Usage :
    Apply proper amount of serum on your face and neck after using ample.
  • Capacity :
    50ml (Using natural preservative)


Bio-Stem Cell Revitalizing Cream
CALECIM, EGF, Acetyl Hexa Peptide, Adenosine give your skin vitality and prevent and improve wrinkle. 케라스켄 helps skin and increase effect of stem-cell’w effect. Coenzyme Q10, Hyalrudljka, collagen, Lipidure PMB keep balance of skin’s moisture and . Silky and and gives instant balance and comfortability.

  • Usage :
    Apply proper amount of cream on your face and neck after using serum.
  • Capacity :
    50g (Used natural preservative)



Dr. JP’s stem cell cosmetics is good when you use it alone but when you use it with stem cell medicine it helps medicine absorbed better.



  • If symptoms below are induced, please stop using the cosmetics, and if you keep using it the symptom can get worse, so please have consultation with our dermatologist.
    - If there is red dots, swelling, itching, or stimulation
    - If your skin has those problems after getting direct sunlight
  • Please stop using cosmetics on scar, eczema or infection.


  • Please close cap after using it.
  • Please keep infants from it.
  • Please do not keep them in place with high, low temperature or with sunlight.

Cinderella plastic surgery is confident about the surgery results